Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm sorry that is not a hair question

[First let me start out by giving my mom an International Tip of the Hat for telling me about Aqua Teen and Boston. She is way cooler than I am.]

I have been quiet about the the Mooninite's ability to whip Boston into a bat shit crazy terror fear zone. This is the press confrence they gave. It is HI-larious.

I was reading somewhere that the six years needed a punch line, and this Boston ordeal was defiantly it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I love how my computer has things on it that are older than itself

Today I was looking for a song in the folder where I keep my music and I found this oldie but goodie. It is from the most comical train announcement I have ever heard in my life (except "blah blah blah blah football hooligans blah") and I got to hear it at least twice a day when I lived in Luxembourg. Basically it just says that if you need to get to this little city called Dudelange or Didiling (sp?) in German, where there apperently is a factory (usine(fr) or schmelz(de)) you must get a new ticket because you must change trains. I guess what gets me every time I hear it is how he says Didiling schmelz. I seriously just kills me. OH the joys of monolinguality.

Click below to listen for yourself

If you want to know more about the factory follow the link in this picture

In the Epic Battle . . .

Who will win?

I will leave those who are so sure of the winner with a question in the form of an image?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bad animals and movies about their carnage

Some of my blog-o-fans are really into bad animal movies like
and possibly . . .
well i stunbled upon a movie for a new movie and here it is

This post is devoted to you animal carnage lovers out there

Sunday, January 21, 2007


This blog I read takes a moment out every once in a while to have a unicorn moment. Today's was pretty funny

Reminds me of a certain movie about a certain game where you are supposed to dodge balls.

Anyway in homage to and mythical creatures here is my own unicorn moment

Saturday, January 20, 2007

so i guess when i forget to blog crazy things happen

I have few excuses for not blogging and you probably don't want to hear them anyway.

But it kinda seems that lots of crazy shit happens when I don't blog. This past week seemed to have some news that was just too much.

1. China space weapon test.

I really don't know what to think of this. It seems pretty scary that this capacity was tested but that fear is kinda mitigated by the fact that we have had this technology for years. But new tech on China's side isn't going to go unmatched by us. We will meet China's challenge to an space based pissing contest. Hell at least nuclear weapons are still prohibited from being used in space.

2. Iran.

What are we doing? So the article that the title above links to (click here if you didnt read the article yet)may have its fair share or propaganda in it but may not be that far off. I guess my biggest questions questions I have are: 1. If a perpetual war is what we are going for, don't we already have it? How often do we need new enemies? If the answer is often, how do we reconcile it with the survival? Is it worth it if we lose everything we have but still kill the enemies? Or do we just lose everything?
*I am indebted to Meghan for some of these links. She is officially my internet sleuth. I extend her a tip of the hat

3. Colbert <3 O'Reilly (?)

Wait what? I don't have access to TV here but I hear that they were on each other's show. Was there feedback like when you make a video of a video or when you put a microphone into a speaker? Anyway I will have to procure a copy of these episodes and watch them

4. Chavez got his enabling act.

The Enabling Act of 1933 gave Hitler the power to rule by decree in Nazi Germany. Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela now has similar power. The reason for him getting absolute power over Venezuela is very different than Hitler's (Chavez wants to nationalize industry in Venezuela) but its no less scary. I think we have learned that it doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum, having too much power is bad.

5. The Weather.

I don't think I need to tell anyone about the crazy weather because it has been weird on both sides of the Atlantic for the past few weeks. But just so you know there were storm with around 70MPH winds blowing through Budapest last week. Apparently this is an example of a European Windstorm you can read all about this one on Wikipedia.
Let me open a brief parenthesis. I remember sometime last year I was listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the NPR news quiz and the section called "Bluff The Listener" (The celebrity contestants each tell the person who called in a news story, they are all random but only one is real. The call-in listener has to correctly guess which is real to receive Carl Kasell's voice on their home answering machine. Back to the parenthesis, so the time I am recalling the true crazy news story was about the Adopt-a-Vortex program. So basically its how European's make up for the fact that they do not have a set schedule for naming storms, nor do they have just one type of storm they get to name. The A-a-V program lets people name the weather after themselves, or loved ones or even enemies for €199. The one thing they do have on the rest of the world is that they do not just name low pressure vortices but also high pressure vortices. So you can name a bight sunny day across Europe, or a killer freak thunderstorm after yourself. The storm that went across Europe last week was named Kyrill, after a Bulgarian man who's family donated to the program. I wish we had something like that at home. End parenthesis.

Apparently these were the same type of storms they had last August where three were killed. They don't get storms here often and the line of storms we had last week traveled across Europe. It seemed like people here were pretty scared.

I guess the moral of the story is I will post more often. Maybe thing will stay quiet if I am sitting around waiting to give my two cents to it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What was that you were saying?

I have always thought it was just Americans who needed this. I guess the British are just as guilty.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The roomate has landed

So in the first post I said that this guy

Wyatt was moving out. He is grazing in greener pastures either at the dorm here in Budapest or in Nebraska. I don’t know which, the jury is still out.

So we naturally had to find a replacement and I have to tell you I was pretty worried about getting a replacement because if we didn't find one we would have been screwed. Luck was on our side the day Jen found us a roommate on Craig’s List. What are the odds? No one here uses Craig’s List!

She managed to find us not just anyone, but a orchestra conductor. Well for truth’s sake apprentice orchestra conductor.

He is living here for two weeks a month and living in London for the other two, where he can do this thing called W-O-R-K (?). When he is here he is constantly under the gun of his own personal Donald so he can't hang out and make a ruckus like we usually do. He doesn’t want to hear those fateful words! So I have been waiting for an appropriate moment to introduce him to the blog, because we haven't been had a roomate bonding moment yet. It happened today.

That all changed today and I think Ben has officially become a member of this apartment. incidentally the apartment is now being called Jokai Ter(rorism) (this has nothing to do with Ben, or maybe it does). Before I go any further I may as well give you a picture of him.

So here is his intro story
and its quite a story

When we moved in here in September our kitchen was equipped with a nice looking but poorly secured cabinet. Its probably 9 feet high and 3 feet wide and the bottom section was a pull out pantry. Around the first time we bought a sack of potatoes we found out that if you put too much weight in the bottom of the pull-out drawer
the whole cabinet falls down. Now Jen figured this out first and put a sign on the cabinet that said "FIGYELEM: This shit falls down!" which roughly translates to "WATCH OUT: This shit falls down." But if you are new to the cabinet it may mislead you. While it may seem that the drawer is not out far enough to make it fall, it sometimes creeps out and sneaks up on you. It did that to Ben.

So tonight we were eating dinner and Ben went into the kitchen to make some tea and then I heard what was the third loudest sound I heard in this apartment.
In case you are wondering the list goes like this
1. The neighbors hammering in their kitchen (which i share a wall with) at 9AM on a SATURDAY
2. The other neighbor listening to her TV

The sound was the cabinet crashing down in the kitchen, taking a lot stuff out with it, including a trashy IKEA table we already ruined, a lot of food, and a mysterious coffee maker that we didn't know of before. Here are some pics of the it.


Marko defending the kitchen with the broken table leg and a hammer

”Step aside Jen, we are MEN and we can fix it”

IN MEMORAL- We loved you cabinet ;(

So Ben, welcome to your Budapest home. We all have ruined our fair share of things so far so don;t feel bad. At least you didn't lock yourself in the bathroom and have to kick the door down like me

or break the bed like Kate (our house guest who also came from Australia).

and you don't need to ask me how the fake blood got on the wall